At Clean It Better, we specialize in bringing back the beauty to your commercial property. We understand how important it is for you to attract customers and we want to help you bring them in by enhancing your property’s appearance. We are happy to accommodate you with any requests you may have to help make your pressure washing experience with us more memorable.


Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Commercial Property

• Bring in Customers and Profit: A beautifully cleaned building will bring in more customers than a building that looks like it has never been cleaned. A large percentage of people who enter a store WILL make a purchase. If your building doesn’t look its best the customers won’t be flooding in. In countless studies, customers have noted the atmospheric importance of a clean store location.

• Cost-effective: Saving costs is essential for businesses to survive. The short-term and long-term gains from pressure washing your business are worthwhile for countless reasons. Rather than investing in having it cleaned using other methods, which take a longer time to do (more money) while being less thorough (less value), pressure washing is done quickly and the results are noticeably better. Our services will help boost your business’ profits by attracting more customers, preventing potential legal actions and boosting your employees’ morales.

• Risk Management: Businesses have an obligation to protect their employees and customers. The legal actions that those employees and customers can take in the event of mold or mildew exposure can negatively impact the business and may potential result in closure. Keep them safe by pressure washing on a regular basis to help prevent the buildup of contaminants.

• Increase Employee Morale: If employees feel better about the company they represent they will work harder and provide better service. By regularly maintaining your commercial property, you revitalize your employees by giving them a workplace they can be proud to work in. As you build your employee morale, you will notice an increase in sales. In addition to this, you’ll save costs by preventing high turnover rates.